Apple’s revenues are falling. A tiny, tiny part is thanks to me. Why? I used to buy a new Apple device every six months, but no more.

It all started at the turn-of-the-century when I used a Sony laptop. When its power supply failed, Sony told me the replacement would cost 10% of the price of the laptop and take three months to arrive from Japan. You see, every model had a different power supply and every time the specs changed, so did the parts. That made them expensive and not in supply.

Apple had one power supply for all laptops, and they never changed. Genius. I switched and bought a new mac every 9 months.

It got better. A few years later Apple came up with Magsafe:

Absolutely brilliant. Sadly, a couple of years ago Apple got rid of Magsafe. One day they tell us Magsafe is fantastic, the next that its not needed. One of their steps backward.

Things got worse, and Apple continued to remove useful things.

Take small laptops. I always got two laptops, one large to use at home and one small to use on the road, at the moment a Mac book Air 11’ that’s half a decade old. Its getting slow and I’d like to upgrade, so I went to the Apple Store to look at the latest version. Nooo, it got fat! Its much bigger than the one I have!

The only alternative is a Mac book which has the right size. But it has one port that is used both to charge and connect USB devices to. When charging, one cannot plug in another USB device. And I almost always got one plugged in. So, useless.

I am keeping my old 11’ Air.

And that takes me to my four year old 15’ MacBook Pro with a 1tb disk and 16gb RAM. Same as the 2019 version, and I need more of both. No improvement! Meanwhile, it lost Magsafe and all the old-style USB-A ports were replaced with the modern USB-C.

Apple didn’t explain why, but said it was a “brave decision.” More like stupid. In the last couple of months, I bought four expensive and state-of-the-art USB devices to use with my Macs. Each and every one had an old style USB-A.

I would therefore have to buy dongles for all of them, and then remove the dongles when them with computers that still only have USB-A, like almost all.

Another step back.

And then there is the Touch Bar. Most, almost all computers sold today, including most Macs, have function keys, F1, F2, and the like, at the top of the keyboard. Not the 2019 MacBook Pro. It has the Touch Bar. I can’t use it as I depend on the function keys for work, using them to switch between spaces. F1 to switch to space 1 for mail, F2 for space 2 for Firefox, etc. Very useful, but no more.

So I’m keeping my old MacBook Pro.

And finally the iPhone. A brilliant device and I’d love to buy the latest. But I’ll continue to use my iPhone 6 until it dies. Why? Two reasons.

The new ones no longer allow me to use my fingerprint to log in or use Apple Pay. Less convenient.

More important is the removal of the headphone plug. Not only can I not charge the phone and use my headphones, but I would also have to use a dongle to use my headphones with a new iPhone. Then, when using the same headphones with a laptop, remove the dongle, taking care not to lose it. Another step back.

So, because Apple stopped making better and better devices and started instead to remove useful features I stopped buying their iPhones and Macs. When the ones I’m using eventually fail, it will be a hard choice.

It would’ve been much better for my sanity and a tiny tiny bit better for their profits if Apple had just continued to do what it always did. Improve their products instead of making them worse.